Eurochocolate Festival

13 - 22 Oct 2017
Perugia, Italy

Give your sweet tooth a treat this October at Italy's Eurochocolate exhibition in Perugia, one of the largest chocolate festivals in the whole of Europe.

  • When? 13 - 22 October 2017
  • Where? Perugia
  • Price: Free

If it fell on Easter, you can bet Eurochocolate would put the Easter Bunny out of business. Our little festive delivery rabbit can forget chocolate eggs; chocolate kebabs are on the menu here. The Italian city of Perugia will have thousands of chocoholics flocking to taste a selection of goodies at its annual chocolate festival over nine mouth-watering days (and there's not a rabbit in sight).

With a million visitors expected to flood Perugia's historic squares, Eurochocolate has fast become one of the biggest chocolate festivals in Europe. Nearly every flavour and type of chocolate will feature at the exhibition making sure you leave satisfied with your chocolate fix. Ancient streets are lined with dozens of shops and carts, displaying their latest range of chocolate treats. Competition is fierce and companies make hundreds of free samples in an attempt to pull in the crowds (not that we're complaining).    

Although local chocolate stalls are present, you'll also find a host of famous chocolatiers from across the continent who come to promote their brands. There are a number of activities which are free for visitors to watch or take part in such as cooking classes, experimental tasting, sculpting and performances. The most popular attractions are the Chocolate Show, Eurochocolate World and the Chocolate Sculptures; all sights which give Willy Wonka's chocolate factory a run for its money.

For the hardcore chocoholics, a 'chococard' can be purchased giving you discounts, specialised free tastings and other fun privileges. Regardless of that however, you can expect to see chocolate in all different ways, shapes and sizes. From dreamy kebabs and chunky bricks to creamy liqueurs and milky drinks; your sweet tooth is in for a treat.  

The Easter Bunny should take note because you'll never be satisfied with an egg after you've tasted the Eurochocolate festival.   

  • Get there: The festival takes place all over Perugia, so fly to Umbria International Airport and then take a taxi to the city centre. You'll arrive in 25 minutes.
  • Stay: Book accommodation in the north of the city to be close to many of Perugia's other attractions.

Visit the official website for more information. There is an English version but this has not yet been updated for 2017.

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