San Costanzo Feast Day

28 - 29 Jan 2018
Perugia, Italy

Celebrate one of the city's saints with a candlelit parade, religious procession and cake tasting at Perugia's San Costanzo Feast Day.

  • When? Around January 29th
  • Where? Perugia, Italy 
  • Price: Free

If you're a culture fan with a sweet tooth we've got the perfect festival for you. Held every January, San Costanzo Feast Day (one of the city's patron saints) is a religious celebration meets community festival complete with sweet treats, processions and plenty of traditional charm.

The actual feast day is January 29th but celebrations begin the evening before when a beautiful candlelit procession (known as the luminaria) passes through the streets towards San Costanzo church. The following day, after a high mass, locals take to the streets for the traditional market, which is a crucial part of the whole celebration. Around 80 stalls fill the streets, with the bakery (or dolci) vendors competing to see who sells the best torcolo di San Costanzo, a traditional ring-cake made of pine nuts, candied fruit and raisins. Be warned, as the different stalls are all eager to share their wares and win, the samples and delicacies won't last long.

Embrace a traditional festival, soak up the local atmosphere and sample home-made cakes; San Costanzo Feast Day is the perfect way to experience Italian culture. Did we mention that Perugia's also famous for chocolate? So save room - if you can. 

  • Get there: Fly to Florence. Perugia is under two hours away from Florence by train.
  • Stay: Find a hotel in Perugia city centre amongst the medieval architecture for a real taste of history.

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