7 - 10 Dec 2017
Modica, Province of Ragusa, Italy

Modica gets the scales rocking in the build up to Christmas by throwing the ChocoModica festival every December.

  • When? 7th - 10th December 2017
  • Where? Piazza Mazziotti, Sicily
  • Price: TBC

If you think the meaning of life is 42, we've got news for you.

Sicily's chocolate festival is choca-block every December with 100,000 attendees so you'd best get down to planning your eating itinerary now. 

In the historic centre of Modica, crowds gorge on chocolatey treats infused with all sorts of sweet, spicy and salted flavours. Don't look down to your waistline, the artisan stands are set up along the historic sights of Piazza Mattiotti and Corso Umberto I - throw caution to the wind and look up at the baroque architecture instead. It's far less worrying.

Modica has a long history of chocolate; when occupied by Spanish Conquistadors it was one of the first stops on the trade train back to Spain and so the chocolatier culture grew. You'll find chocolate shops in plentiful supply whenever you visit but with the festival comes the opportunity to see how the masters make it. Take advantage of the guided tours of chocolate making facilities.

Modica has its own special way of making chocolate - notice the grainy texture, achieved by a technique that is surprisingly Aztec in origin. In fact, Modica is the only place in the world that still uses this method of making chocolate - the chocolate and sugar are never fully melted which preserves flavour and nutrients and delivers the unique texture. The use of chili, vanilla, sea salt, ginger, allspice and cinnamon are quite common.

You can wander up the ancient streets to the sound of live music and stop to admire the work of the chocolate engineers. In previous years sculptures of faces, machinery, mythological characters and animals have been carved but something new is prepared every year.

"Answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything" - chocolate.

  • Get there: Modica is home to a train station, though driving is probably the quickest option. Comiso Airport is the nearest.
  • Stay: Book accommodation nearby in Modica, or stay on the coast somewhere like Pozzallo, a half hour drive away.

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