In Guardia Parade

1 Feb 2017 - 26 Nov 2017
Fort St Elmo, Valletta, Malta

For a look into Malta's colourful history, head over to Fort St Elmo to watch a reenactment as soldiers and knights of the fort's garrison perform a military drill.

  • When? Between February and November every year.
  • Where? Fort St Elmo, Malta
  • Price: Adults €7, Children € 3

If you thought fancy dress was strictly for five-year-old's and drunk students then think again. Each year, one of Malta's most historic events is re-enacted by performers, bringing visitors closer to the past. And with a backdrop as beautiful as this one - we guarantee you'll get into the spirit of things.

Fort St Elmo is located in Valletta and overlooks Malta's Grand Harbour; it also served as the scene of a 'heroic defence' during the Great Siege of 1565. Years ago, the Fort was inspected by the Grand Bailiff in charge of military procedure and as a result the castle's armed forces were expected to demonstrate their discipline to prove they could be trusted in keeping the fort safe. It is this traditional part that is played out by In Guardia Parade. Once the 45 minute re-enactment is over, guests can take the opportunity to explore the castle further. We bet you'll be donning traditional costumes in no time.

  • Get there: If you're staying in Valletta you can reach Fort St Elmo on foot, but if you plan on exploring more of the islands we recommend hiring a car.
  • Stay: Find a hotel in Valletta overlooking the bay for a sunny, picturesque stay.

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