Thingyan (Myanmar New Year)

13 - 16 Apr 2018
Mandalay, Myanmar

Don't forget to pack the supersoaker - Mandalay's Thingyan is fun, festive and leaves everyone drenched in water.

  • When? 13th - 16th April 2018
  • Where? Celebrated all over Myanmar, including Mandalay.
  • Price: Free

Your memories of water fights might involve running around with a water gun at eight years-old rather than a huge citywide free for all. But that's exactly what happens in Mandalay every April during Myanmar's annual New Year celebration. 

Although the public holiday occurs throughout the country, its major urban hubs - Mandalay in particular - see the biggest celebrations. The night before, local neighbourhoods are decorated with lights and stages are set up, some get started early with drinking, dancing and music. The following day locals take to the streets to soak each other using any kind of water vessel they can find. Buckets, bowls, hoses - if it can contain water, it'll be used. The mass water fight commences when a huge canon (a-hmyauk) is fired and is usually followed by Pwè, famous performers of music and dance.

#travioortip: Bring spare clothes, or embrace the experience and make the most of the free cool-down.

The following day is New Year's Day and many Mandalayans visit each other, bringing traditional presents and feast on mohinga. Although watered down Thingyan is as much a cultural experience as it is a water fight.

So water-you waiting for? Get booking soon, accommodation is likely to go fast.

  • Get there: Mandalay International Airport is south of the city, so take a taxi to the centre upon arrival.
  • Stay: Parties and celebrations occur all over the city, so stay near the centre to be in the thick of the action.

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