King's Day

27 Apr 2018
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam celebrates the king and all things orange during Koningsdag with a day of music and high spirits.

  • When? 27th April 2018
  • Where? Amsterdam
  • Price: Free

King's Day or "Koningsdag" as it's known locally is an orange-coloured day of open-air fun. It's Amsterdam's biggest street party of the year, attracting locals and visitors alike who come for the live music and DJs, party barges, citywide street market and general revelry.

The festivities celebrate the birthday of the reigning monarch, presently King Willem-Alexander. Prior to his inauguration in 2013 it was known as Queen's Day in honour of the now Princess Beatrix. As a show of pride for the royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau, Amsterdammers cover themselves - and anything else they can get their hands on - head-to-toe in orange.

The fun officially begins the night before the big day, known as King's Night or Koningsnacht, with clubs and music venues hosting international and Dutch DJs. The next day, the party spills on to the streets, parks and even the canals where thousands of boats - bedecked in orange of course - pump music and carry revellers. If you're not connected enough to get on board one, position yourself on one of Amsterdam's many bridges for a good view.

As well as covering itself in orange, Amsterdam is also transformed into one of the world's largest flea markets for the day as people have the chance to sell their second-hand items on the streets and parks. Music, monarchs, eye-burningly-bright orange and haggling: what's not to love?

  • Get there: Travel to Amsterdam Centraal station - you can get there straight from the airport.
  • Stay: Book accommodation as close to the city centre as possible, though be warned that many places will fill up quickly.

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