New Year's Dive, The Netherlands

1 Jan 2018
Various Locations, The Netherlands

If you're spending New Year's in Amsterdam or Rotterdam and fancy a trip to the seaside, you can join the thousands of crazy Dutch people (and some tourists) that jump into the sea to signal the start of the New Year.

  • When? 1st Jan 2018
  • Where? Close to Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Price: Free

They say nothing cures a hangover like a nice refreshing swim in the sea. Yet, the Dutch knock that statement out of the park with their annual New Year's Dive on January 1st. Thousands head for various seaside resorts (including the most popular in Scheveningen) to take to the extremely chilly North Sea waters and you can join them if you too are completely bonkers.

It's certainly not the longest of events we are likely to feature but it deserves a special mention purely for the amount of people who take on the challenge. This tradition is said to date back to 1960 and is now celebrated at more than 50 destinations across the country. The most popular however is situated in Scheveningen (one hour from Amsterdam or 30 minutes from Rotterdam), where some 10,000 people take a dip every year.

The idea behind the event is to start the year fresh and people turn up in the cold weather sporting just their swimwear and a bright orange woolly hat. At Scheveningen's beach, at least there's hot chocolate and Dutch pea soup to help you warm up afterwards.

So if you happen to be in the Netherlands on New Year's Day, how about putting this brrr...illiant idea to the test. Rather you than us - we'll take sitting by the fire in a disgustingly hungover state any day.

  • Get there: Hire a car and drive from either Rotterdam (30 minutes) or Amsterdam (1 hour).
  • Stay: Check out accommodation in Rotterdam city centre, or have a look at our pick of Amsterdam's best hotels if you're travelling.

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