Beach Reggae Festival

TBC May 2018
White Beach, Boracay

Enjoy a jamming session? Every year the sands of White Beach are jammed with music lovers and funky reggae music.

  • When? TBC May 2018
  • Where? White Beach, Boracay
  • Price: 200 pesos

The Philippines' love affair with reggae music is perfectly suited to the tropical beaches and laid back attitude of Boracay.

This gathering of Filipino reggae artists testifies that the Filipino fascination with Rastafarianism is not all herb and dreadlocks. Brownman Revival, Tropical Depression and Bahaghari are all regular and native performers, entertaining crowds of tourists and vacationing Filipino students.

The dazzling white sand and clear turquoise sea of White Beach is the usual location of the festival but be sure to check with the organisers in the run up to the event as the location can change. As well as non-stop music, local bars and restaurants offer food and drinks at the festival so all you need to do is sit back, relax and soak up the island vibes. 

200 Pesos buys you a ticket and music kicks off at 7pm This leaves plenty of time for snorkelling and exploring the island during the day before partying into the early hours. Boracay is busy at this time of year so be sure to book accommodation well in advance.

Who knows, you might fall in love with more than just the music when you visit Boracay's Beach Reggae Festival. 

  • Get there: Fly to Boracay Airport and then take the ferry.
  • Stay: Book accommodation in Balabag to be nearby.

*We do our very best to verify the dates of our events but please check with the official event provider before booking your flights. We would hate for you to be disappointed!