Lisbon Carnival

13 Feb 2018

With a vibrant parade, samba music and a host of free events, you can guarantee a good time at Lisbon Carnival.

  • When? Days leading up to and including 13th February 2018.
  • Where? Lisbon, Portugal. 
  • Price: Free

If your friend or partner has been more miserable than a London commuter on a Monday morning recently, bring them along to Lisbon's Carnival where the celebrations will make even the grumpiest of cats smile. 

Usually held during the last few days before Lent, the whole of Portugal celebrates what has become known as carnival season. And one of the best places to be is the capital, Lisbon, where a series of free events are put on across the city. Here you'll find a great party atmosphere sweeping the streets with locals and tourists turning out in their numbers to embrace the celebrations.

The biggest event of the carnival falls on Shrove Tuesday (the final day known as entrudo) where a grand parade takes place at Lisbon’s Parque Nações. Think samba bands, street theatre and dozens of people dressed in colourful extravagant costumes, so if you were thinking whether or not to dress up - you should; you'll fit right in.

The bars and clubs are also packed at this time of year so if the carnival isn't doing it for your miserable other half, you can always resort to cocktails.  

  • Get there: Fly to Lisbon and then hire a car to get around. 
  • Stay: In the city centre for easy access to the carnival, or on the outskirts for a quieter stay.

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