Lisbon Christmas Market

TBC Dec 2017
Lisbon, Portugal

Explore one of Europe's lesser known winter destinations - Lisbon's Christmas Market offers plenty of seasonal charm and sensational festive food.

  • When? TBC Dec 2017 - Jan 2018
  • Where? Praça do Comércio (Commerce Square), Lisbon
  • Price: Free

Cobbled streets, roasting chestnuts and twinkling lights. You might be forgiven if you're picturing a Bavarian town or Alpine resort. In fact, we're actually in Lisbon, Portugal, an off-the-radar Christmas destination which has an abundance of seasonal delights. Uncrowded by tourists, the Portuguese capital's real gem is its magical festive market, home to charming stalls and some of Europe's best street food.

The main events are located around the heart of the old quarter (Bairro Alto) and Baixa, where twinkling lights and festoons of decorations adorn the streets, while the surrounding churches fill with choirs and locals attending special masses. In Praça do Comércio, the main square, a huge Christmas tree is erected and quaint stalls selling festive wares sit next to antique shops and boutiques. One of the real draws are the dozens of street food wagons, bolo rei (kings cake) - a sweet treat stuffed with nuts and candied fruit - is a must try as are the savoury goats cheese and chestnut pastries, sold on every street corner.

Definitely one for this year's Christmas list, a trip to Lisbon’s Christmas Market is the perfect way to experience Portuguese seasonal celebrations and festivities. But shhh! This one's between us - part of its charm is its tourist-free authenticity, so let's keep this one to ourselves.

  • Get there: The nearest metro station to the square is Terreiro do Paço. 
  • Stay: Check out accommodation around Commerce Square so you can walk to the markets.

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