Peixe em Lisboa

TBC Mar 2018 - Apr 2018

Make sure you arrive hungry. Peixe em Lisboa might just serve up some of the best fish you'll ever eat at Lisbon's Pátio da Galé.

  • When? TBC March - April 2018
  • Where? Carlos Lopes Pavilion, Lisbon
  • Price: TBC

If you want to jump fish first into Portuguese culture, Peixe em Lisboa cod be a good trout. 

Fish is a huge part of the capital's culture with the city's position beside the coastline a huge factor in why it has always produced top-quality seafood-based dishes. And you can experience this first-hand at Peixe em Lisboa which spans ten days in April and dates back to 2008.

People flock to the restaurants that take part in the event and usually you purchase tokens to exchange for a tasty dish. Also present are cooking classes, chef demonstrations (with headphone translation), wine pairings and tasting dishes. Plus, a gourmet market that has proved popular in recent years selling cheeses, wine, sweets and more. 

Bring an appetite but leave the fish puns at home.

  • Get there: Visitors can get to the festival by bus, metro or car. The cloest metro stop is Parque.
  • Stay: Book accommodation in the old town for a short metro ride to the festival.

Visit the official website for more information.

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