Festa das Fogaceiras

TBC Jan 2018
Santa Maria da Feira

Near Porto is the city of Santa Maria da Feira which celebrates its annual Festa das Fogaceiras in January.

  • Why? Discover age-old traditions at Festa das Fogaceiras.
  • When? TBC Jan 2018
  • Where? Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal
  • Price: Free
  • Get there: Fly to Porto and then take a train into the city centre.
  • Stay: Monte Lírio Hotel & Wellness Centre is four minutes from the beach, situated between Santa Maria da Feira and Porto.

When it comes to carrying bread on your head, the people of Santa Maria da Feira know what they're doing. But this age-old practice is just one part of the proceedings at the Festa das Fogaceiras. 

Held every January, this event dates back to the early 16th century and was born out of the belief that Saint Sebastian saved the city from the plague. On the day of the festival a huge procession takes place in the city and includes an array of floats that resemble Saint Sebastian and Our Lady. People dress in all white wearing a red or blue belt and carry a sweet bread known as Fogaça on their heads all the way to church from the city hall. 

If you happen to be in Porto and near the city of Santa Maria da Feira during January, this celebration can be a unique and fun event to witness in Portugal. And maybe you can even test out your bread carrying skills in the process. Niche. 

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