Francesinha Festival

29 Sep 2017 - 9 Nov 2017

Calling all foodies; there's a local delicacy in the city of Porto and it's called the Francesinha.

  • When? 29 September - 9 November 2017
  • Where? Porto
  • Price: Free

To have a whole event based on a sandwich may sound a little baloney but we can assure you, this sandwich isn't your mum's average ham, cheese and pickle. In fact, the Francesinha Festival is a pretty big deal to the restaurateurs who all claim to make the best Francesinha in Porto.

To call this occasion a festival is probably a little over-the-top. It's essentially a huge celebration of one of the world's tastiest sandwiches and arguably Porto's most famous delicacy. So you better arrive hungry because you'll certainly go home full.

Every October restaurants come together to showcase their re-invention and presentation of the Francesinha. This gastronomic icon dates back to the fifties and is a sandwich filled with several types of meat, topped with melted cheese and covered in a beer-based spicy sauce. There are slight variations which can be found around the city, particularly in the sauce's ingredients and the meat used. However, it's almost always served with French fries, turning this so called 'snack' into a full blown meal. And we can say from experience, it certainly goes a long way to curing the monster of all hangovers.

So if you're a true foodie and want to try the best variations of one of the world's most famous sandwiches, there's only one place you should be checking out this October and it's certainly not your mum's kitchen.

  • Get there: Porto is easy to navigate on foot and using the metro.
  • Stay: The Vitória area has a few metro stations nearby plus plenty of other tourist attractions.

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