Singapore Cocktail Week

TBC Mar 2018

Five days celebrating the cocktail renaissance, learn from the masters and booze like a movie star.

  • When? TBC March 2018
  • Where? Participating bars and restaurants throughout Singapore.
  • Price: Entry to the festival village is free.

If you want to learn to shake it like Tom Cruise in the 1988 hit 'Cocktail' then Singapore has just the event for you.

How befitting that the national tipple of multi-cultural, ultra modern Singapore should be a motley and sophisticated cocktail. Beyond a token Singapore Sling, there exists an inexhaustible repertoire of concoctions, and Singapore Cocktail Week is going to open your eyes, or rather your mouths, to it all. 

#travioortip: Find the official festival calendar on the Singapore Cocktail Week website.

Think dark, seductive spiced rum, yoghurt, cardamom syrup, bitters and cashew nuts shaken up at The Secret Mermaid, 10 Collyer Quay. Or a fruity blend of pandan vodka, orange liqueur, passion fruit and fresh lime served with complimentary tatter tots at Kite, 53 Craig Road.

More than 60 venues participate, dreaming up experiences like Dine in the Dark that will have you second guessing at grinning bartenders. Masterclasses will get you distilling, brewing, bootlegging and mixing at home. The bar tours are a fresh way to familiarise yourself with a compact city that forgoes the need of a walking tour.

The calibre of expert mixers like Jim Meehan who regularly attend, is a fitting tribute to a city that has a drink named after it. Just don't confuse him with Tom Cruise, he's actually one of the world's most famous mixologists - not an actor who's real cocktail skills only involving ordering them. 

  • Get there: With so many venues, you'll need to get around the city using Singapore's MRT rail system.
  • Stay: We suggest staying downtown to be close to the gorgeous marina area - you'll be close to plenty of MRT stations for travelling too.

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