Bratislava Ball

TBC Jan 2018 - Mar 2018

Pack your best shoes; the Bratislava Ball season hits the Slovakian capital between January and March.

  • When? TBC January 2018 - March 2018
  • Where? Various venues, Bratislava
  • Price: varies, keep an eye on the Visit Bratislava website for updates.

If for you, having a ball means going to one, you'll need to make sure you're in Bratislava between January and March where you can witness some incredible performances and entertainment. 

The Bratislava Ball is considered one of the most prestigious social events of the year and is the pinnacle of the ball season. Those who are lucky enough to receive an invite and ticket regard it an honour. Many entrepreneurs, artists and a number of wealthy young ladies and gentlemen attend this event which celebrates the city's culture, history and arts. Performances range from opera and classical music to ballet and traditional dance. 

Elsehwhere Bratislava showcases a variety of ball-like performances, with tickets on sale to the public, at various venues off the back of the Bratislava Ball, so you're guaranteed to find a spectacular show in the Slovakian capital that is suited to your taste.

Looks like it's time to don your new suit or dress you've just bought.    

  • Get there: To reach Bratislava, fly into Bratislava airport or take the train to the main station or Petrzalka station.
  • Stay: Find a hotel in the city centre so you're close to all the events.

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