Corpus Christi Festival

31 May 2018
Granada, Spain

Experience the carnivals, parades and entertainment of the Corpus Christi Festival in the beautiful Spanish city of Granada.

  • When? 31st May 2018
  • Where? Throughout Granada
  • Price: free

If you happen to be in Granada during the Corpus Christi Festival and were hoping for a quiet weekend, your luck is out. 

Although Corpus Christi is celebrated all over Spain, it is most famous in Granada and is essentially a Catholic holiday honouring the presence of the body of Jesus Christ in holy water. Today its religious roots don't hold much significance to the people of this city but it is said that across eight centuries, the Catholic kings looked to Christianise the population by using Corpus Christi to influence them in a city which was once under Muslim ruling.

For most locals and tourists who are passing through during the festival, it's all about the amusing carnivals, joyous parades and the annual feria which happens to coincide with the event. Carnival-goers are seen dancing in the streets and enjoy delicious feasts across what has become almost a week-long event. The festival kicks off with the La Tarasca parade with people hitting spectators with balloons dressed in big-headed character costumes and traditional flamenco outfits.

However, the annual and very lively La Feria regarded as the biggest event of the year, is the star of the show. You'll find this on the outskirts of the city with giant tents, music, fairground rides and food and beverage stalls. On the first and last day of the feria, fireworks light up the night sky and a vibrant festive atmosphere ignites the city. And if that wasn't enough entertainment, Corpus Christi also signals the start of the Granada bullfighting season.

  • Get there: Getting from Granada Airport to Granada Bus Station takes 20-25 minutes by coach, with a coach scheduled around the arrival of each flight.
  • Stay: Find a hotel in  El Centro so you reach monuments, restaurants, bars etc. on foot.

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