Fiesta de San Cecilio

1 Feb 2018
Granada, Spain

Head to Fiesta de San Cecilio for a traditional pilgrimage which celebrates Granada's patron saint and sees feasting, blessings and dancing throughout the day.

  • When? Usually the 1st of February
  • Where? Granada, Spain
  • Price: Free

If you're getting pre-wedding jitters then we have just the solution. At the Fiesta de San Cecilio, women who are planning to get married in the upcoming 12 months are permitted to touch the sacred stone at the Sacromonte pilgrimage site. Every year, the citizens of Granada head to this religious place to celebrate their city's patron saint - San Cecilio - with feasting, dancing and readings. The icing on the (wedding) cake is the beautiful southern Spanish surroundings.

Although the festival is predominantly religious, it has in recent years turned into something of a local holiday; expect traditional Spanish feasts plus plenty of live music and flamenco dancing. Local dance groups and ensembles perform customary shows for residents and visitors while Sacromonte's famous catacombs are blessed. The event has an inclusive, party atmosphere and many locals from the surrounding regions come to join in the festivities.

Fiesta de San Cecilio happens on the first day of February each year and continues to grow in size as more visitors hear of its fame. Plan well ahead if you're thinking of visiting - but if you see a bride-to-be running in the opposite direction, let her escape; she's probably decided the upcoming nuptials aren't for her.

  • Get there: Fly to Granada then take a taxi to the city centre. 
  • Stay: Book accommodation in the Realejo-San Matias area.

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