Fiesta de San Antón

TBC Jan 2018
Malaga, Spain

Celebrate the animal world with bonfires, pyrotechnics, processions and, rather bizarrely, local pets at Fiesta de San Antón in Malaga during January.

  • When? January 2018 TBC
  • Where? Malaga, Spain
  • Price: Free

If you have the memory of a goldfish and are forever losing car keys, phones, clothes, sanity ... then you might want to head to Malaga on January 17th. San Antón (Saint Anthony) is the patron saint of animals but also called upon when things get lost. Although the saint day is celebrated across Spain, Malaga puts on an extra special show with everything from fires to food and processions to pyrotechnics. It's the perfect event to get lost in.

Beginning on the night of the 16th, animal owners traditionally light bonfires across the city as the locals prepare for two days of festivities. Because of the emphasis on animals, four legged friends are often given the red carpet treatment; the procession to mass on the 17th often includes horses, cats (and other small pets), livestock and even the odd fish. After, a spectacular fireworks show marks the end of festivities, lighting up the city's ancient walls.

The opulent processions and fiery displays make Fiesta de San Antón a wonderful event to catch if you're visiting Malaga. Additional events (such as local firework shows) may also be held the weekend before or after, so do some research before you go. Now where did we put our passport?

  • Get there: Fly to Malaga Airport then take the express bus to reach the city.
  • Stay: Find a hotel in the city centre to be in the middle of the action.

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