Semana Santa de Sevilla (Seville Holy Week)

25 - 31 Mar 2018
Seville, Spain

Seville's Catholic commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus is a colourful and impressive event.

  • When? 25th - 31st March
  • Where? Seville
  • Price: Free

Semana Santa de Sevilla is a very Catholic festival, complete with processions, altar boys, wooden crosses, floats and candles of all shapes and sizes.

It is one of the city's two biggest festivals, along with the Feria de Abril (April Fair), which follows two weeks later.

Many of the processions feature intricately carved and painted figures from the Crucifixion of Jesus, many of which date back decades.

Some parades are sombre, some are joyous. All are stunning to look at and listen to, although if you're in the mood for a boozy street party you should look elsewhere.

  • Get there: Fly to Seville Airport and then take a taxi to the city center. You can also get around using the metro.
  • Stay: Book accommodation near the centre to be close to the action.

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