Lucia Malmö

13 Dec 2016
Malmö, Sweden

Every year, on the week before Christmas, the city of Malmö selects its Lucia - or ‘queen of light’ - to enchant all who come into her path. Intrigued? Then read on…

The Lucia tradition can be traced back to both St Lucia of Syracuse, a martyr who died in 304, and to the Swedish legend of Lucia as Adam’s first wife. Whilst the origins aren’t exactly clear and traditions have been somewhat blended, the modern day Lucia is a cultural tradition that Swedes passionately uphold.

Every year the city of Malmö selects a Lucia, who is accompanied by women in white gowns holding candles and men in white gowns carrying stars. This magical troupe then forms a procession that lights up streets and squares, and fills the spaces with beautiful music.

The best places to view the Lucia include from Stortorget, Gustav Adolfs torg and at the traditional celebrations in Folkets park. But wherever you are in Malmö on this day, you’ll feel some of the parade’s magic.

There’s music, dancing and a fantastic atmosphere to soak up across the city, with people of all ages getting involved with the festivities.

There’s something exotic and ethereal about this day in Sweden, and it’s certainly a treat for anyone who has not experienced it before.

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