Sechseläuten Spring Festival

16 Apr 2018
Bellevueplatz, Zürich

Welcome springtime in Zurich by parading along the streets, partying through the night and burning a giant boogieman effigy at the The Sechseläuten Spring Festival. Sounds like a good time to us.

  • When? 16th April 2018
  • Where? Bellevueplatz, Zürich
  • Price: TBC

Each year when April rolls around, bringing with it longer days, warmer climes and the spring bloom, the people of Zurich see grounds for celebration – and who could argue with them? Their traditional spring festival, Sechseläuten or “Sächsilüüte” as it is known in local dialect, is a stonking good way to enjoy the city just as the Zürcher (Zürich’s citizens) let their hair down.

It's kicked off with a wacky parade comprised of the city’s 26 guilds marching through the resplendent streets towards the Bellevueplatz – the main town square. This is where things really heat up.

The Böögg (a sort of evil Jack Frost character) is the main protagonist in the festival, symbolising the icy grip of winter. And to herald in spring, at exactly 6pm the locals set fire to an effigy of this frosty fiend with the speed at which it burns said to indicate how warm the coming summer will be.   

Once you’re finished rejoicing at the end of their long winter, you can grab something delicious at one of the beautifully-maintained Guild houses – the oldest of which dates back to 1336. Although after the day’s entertainment, you’ll probably be in the mood for something barbecued.

  • Get there: Fly to Zürich then take the train to the city centre - the nearest station to Bellevueplatz is Bellevue.
  • Stay: Stay in Hochschulen to be nearby.

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