Zurich Limmatschwimmen

19 Aug 2017
Lammat River, Zürich

We all love a swim on a hot summer's day. For a few hours on one day in August, the Zurich Limmatschwimmen gives you a chance too, as thousands jump into the river Lammat.

  • When? 19th August 2017
  • Where? Lammat River, Zürich
  • Price: TBC

Normally, you'd expect someone to have lost a dare or be drunk if you saw them jumping into a river in the middle of a busy city. But at Zürich Limmatschwimmen, the Swiss plus visiting tourists seize a window of opportunity when (for four hours), swimming in the river Lammat is legal.

A tradition of more than 50 years, this slightly odd event falls in August so you can anticipate lovely warm weather to combat the cold Lammat waters. On the Saturday, the event begins with a bit of friendly competition at around 12 p.m. with registered participants taking part in a race (usually spanning around 2000 metres) down the river. After, those who just want to splash around and have a bit of fun, all dive in for a refreshing dip. Just make sure you've purchased a ticket beforehand.

Over the four hours, the river is a picture of excited swimmers moving along with a number of floats while on-lookers crowd the river banks and overhead bridges. You can also get waterproof swim bags prior to swimming allowing you to take your clothes with you rather than leave them on the transportation boat.

So bring your swimwear and jump into the Lammat this August. Although, it's probably best to hold off on the beers until after the dip.

  • Get there: Fly to Zürich then take the train to the city centre. The Lammat runs through the heart of the city.
  • Stay: Stay in District 1 to be close to the river and the city centre.

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