Taipei Lantern Festival 2017

11 Feb 2017
Taipei, Taiwan

Need a glowing uplift this February? Taipei in Taiwan has just the thing - the annual Lantern Festival and parade.

How do you get through the dark dreary month of February? Spring seems an eternity away and you see about as much sunlight as a mole hiding in a bunker. Luckily Taipei in Taiwan has the answer; every year in February the city hosts a magnificent lantern show that fills the dark streets with bright lights and warm glows.

Celebrating the 15th day of Chinese New Year, this colourful, community-friendly fest sees locals and visitors take to the streets as puppet parades and huge luminous lanterns adorn the city. The lights are traditionally meant to ward off disease and evil and many of the lanterns are also designed to represent the different signs of the Chinese zodiac. Lanterns also have their own 'theme music', which play alongside them as they float majestically through the bustling streets.

So if February is beginning to feel a bit like one long mid-winter Monday morning, get yourself to Taipei for the annual Lantern Festival. You'll get your glow back in no time at all. 

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