Monkey Buffet Festival

26 Nov 2017
Lopburi, Thailand

Celebrate the year of the monkey with Bangkok's annual Monkey Buffet Festival.

  • When? 26th November 2017
  • Where? Lopburi, Thailand.
  • Price: Free

The perfect dinner party - platters of fruit and veg, sweet delicacies and... 3000 monkeys? Don't worry, the monkeys aren't on the menu. The Monkey Buffet Festival, hosted just north of Bangkok, is a celebration of all things simian and the feast is put on especially for them. That won't stop any monkey business though; these primates are a seriously crafty and out for a good time.

The relaxed area of Lopburi, a one-and-a-half hour drive from Bangkok, might seem an odd place for a festival. However, the thousands of monkeys that live here are more than ready for a party and every November they enjoy a special festival just for them.

Descending on the town's temples, where the Monkey Buffet Festival feasts are laid out, they enjoy a lavish buffet, consisting of fruits, sweets, vegetables and cakes. Many of the food displays at the Monkey Buffet Festival are incredible, stretching metres high in the air and displaying an array of exotic treats stacked in impressive pyramid shapes.

It's not just the monkeys that enjoy themselves; humans get a look in too. Many visitors dress up in monkey fancy dress and there are monkey-themed bands, dances and street performances to enjoy. There are also plenty of (you guessed it) monkey themed products for sale - because you can never have too many monkey hats, monkey scarves and monkey masks, right?

As for monkey business, it's usually the non-human guests who are to blame. They give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'cheeky monkey' and will go for your bags, lunch and even cigarettes. You've been warned - no monkeying around. 

  • Get there: Lopburi is an hour and a half's drive from Bangkok, so rent a car or a taxi to get there.
  • Stay: It's probably not worth staying in Lopburi, but you could if you wanted a break from Bangkok.

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