Bournemouth 7s Festival

TBC May 2018
Bournemouth Sports Club

Presenting the world's largest sport and music festival, Bournemouth 7s is one to add to your festival calendar.

  • When? TBC May 2018
  • Where? Bournemouth Sports Club
  • Price: from £35, see website for more details including camping options.

There are many things that are better together - burger and chips, the park and picnics, beach and ice lollies (you get the idea). Yet, if your favourite hobbies are sport and music, this combo at Bournemouth 7s Festival might just top the lot.

Running since 2008, this emerging and unique event is now regarded as the world's largest sport and music festival selling out for the last four years. As an example of its popularity in recent years, 2015 saw 30,000 people, 3,000 campers, 162 rugby teams, 96 netball teams, 96 dodgeball teams and 32 hockey teams enter its grounds to enjoy and take part in the proceedings. With numbers like that, we're surprised this isn't being talked about more on the festival circuit. 

Located at Bournemouth Sports Club, it takes place annually at the end of May over the bank holiday weekend and is organised by the Diamond Sporting Group who set a theme for each year's festival (2016 was Carnival vs Olympics), which encourages people to attend in fancy dress. 

There are an array of arenas, bars and areas at the festival including a Garage Tent, Tuborg Beer Tent, Somersby Garden, Jacuzzi Area, Monster VIP Arena, Big Top Dance Tent, an Ibiza Foam Party and many more. As for the music, some international acts have been in attendance in recent years and the artists are only likely to get bigger and better (Fatman Scoop headlined in 2016). 

There's plenty of sporting games going on too. If you wish to enter a team to take part, you can try via the official website, otherwise you can watch some rugby, dodgeball, netball and hockey from the sidelines with an ice-cold cider in hand.

This isn't your average festival but that's what makes it appealing. And if you were questioning whether or not sports and music actually can work together at a festival, don't take our (and the 30,000+ people's) word for it, give it a go yourself. We're sure you'll be convinced before you can finish your (first) burger and chips.

  • Get there: Local buses provide the easiest way of getting around.
  • Stay: The event is about 20 minutes from the city centre but we'd still recommend staying central or by the beach so you can easily get to other areas of interest.

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