London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

5 Nov 2017
Hyde Park, London to Madeira Drive, Brighton

The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run will see 500 vintage pre-1905 cars celebrate the 1896 removal of the 4 mph speed limit for 'horseless carriages'.

The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run is the world's longest running motoring event, with last year's run marking its 119th birthday.

The run, which takes place on the first Sunday of November, celebrates the passing into law of the UK's Locomotives on the Highway Act of 1896 which removed the strict rules on car driving such as the 4 mph speed limit and the need for a horseless carriage to be preceded by a man on foot waving a safety flag.

The first London to Brighton run took place on 14 November 1896 when 30 vehicles travelled the 60-mile route from Hyde Park to the Brighton seafront at newly legal top speeds of up to 14 mph.

Only cars made before 1905 will take part in the run. The Regent Street Motor show takes place on the Saturday before the run and gives spectators the chance to look up close at 100 of the cars taking part in the event.

Some of these cars have to be seen to be believed, with many powered by steam rather than petrol and the chance to see original models from marques such as Benz, Peugeot, Daimler, Packard and Renault that pre-date the first powered flight.

Visitors can meet and greet the cars and their owners in the paddock by the finish line from the time they arrive to the scheduled 4.30 p.m. departure time back to London.

There are also tickets available on open-top double decker buses (red, naturally) which will follow the cars to Brighton and back. The buses are only filled to half capacity so that the passengers can retire to dryness and warmth should the English weather behave as expected.

  • Get there: A travel event in itself, you'll want to get to London to see the start or Brighton for a meet and greet before the vehicles make their return. You can take a train between the two in under an hour.
  • Stay: Stay in Brighton for cheaper hotels and seaside views.

Visit the official Veteran Car Run website for more information.

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