Austin Ice Cream Festival

12 Aug 2017
Fiesta Gardens

Save room for dessert; Austin's Ice Cream Festival is coming to the city in August and there's plenty that needs to be eaten.

  • When? 12th August 2017
  • Where? Fiesta Gardens, Austin
  • Price: TBC Spring 2017

With Austin feeling hotter than the world's hottest chilli pepper in the city's warmest month of August, there's only one thing you need - and it certainly isn't a cuppa. The Austin Ice Cream Festival falls at the perfect time of year and stuffing your face with one of your favourite summer treats is the best way to cool off.

Running since 2007, the Austin Ice Cream Festival has been attracting people of all ages to Fiesta Gardens to enjoy a range of frozen treats from local shops and stores such as Amy’s Ice Cream, Austin Scoops, Good Pops, and NadaMoo. Yet, even though this festival is predominantly about eating, there are also other reasons to come here.

A line-up of live entertainment is also present as well as a selection of games and contests creating a social, interactive atmosphere. Visitors can sign up for events when they are at the festival, with favourites such as the Ice Cream Eating competition and the Popsicle Stick Sculpture competition likely to return. Plus there's even a home-made ice cream competition for those who think they make the best in town. 

Now you've got the scoop on proceedings you'll know where to be when this festival comes to town in August. Just make sure you eat it quickly; we can't have any ice-cream melting and going to waste can we.

  • Get there: Parking is limited but available west of the venue. The area is well-served by bus routes 22 and 17.
  • Stay: The venue is near the Holly and East Cesar Chavez neighbourhoods, so book accommodation here to be nearby.

Visit the Austin Ice Cream Festival website for more information.

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