Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race

6 May 2018

A whole day of fun racing action can be witnessed at Baltimore's Kinetic Sculpture Race which features some truly magnificent kinetic works of art.

  • When? 6th May 2018
  • Where? City centre, Baltimore
  • Price: Free to attend.

We're no stranger to wacky races. Let's cast our minds back to sports day at school where the infamous egg and spoon race was the cream of the crop. But perhaps Baltimore's Kinetic Sculpture Race takes it up a gear with incredibly creative human powered works of art pitting themselves against each other over a staggering eight hour race - not quite your 15 second power walk across the finish line while balancing an egg on a spoon.

Kinetic sculpture racing can be traced all the way back to California in 1969 when an artist called Hobart Brown pimped out and modified his son's tricycle turning it into a five-wheeled pentacycle, before being challenged to a race along Main Street. In the years since, the concept has been expanded and eventually was turned into the Kinetic Grand Championship. Various cities throughout America enjoy seeing kinetic races but other than in Humboldt County, California, Baltimore is arguably the best place to witness such an event as it is home to the East Coast Championship.

It was Baltimore back in 1999 that held the first race in Eastern US. Today the race runs through the city's urban centre for 15 miles featuring a number of artistic structures powered by one or more people. It's a huge fun and enjoyable occasion for the city which sees thousands fill the streets to get a look at the modified structures that have to tackle an obstacle course and a water section on their way to the finish line.

There is a morning opening ceremony to kick things off and an awards ceremony at the end of the race where titles such as 'Best Costume', 'Best Pit Crew' and 'Golden Flipper' are given to participants. As for the spectators, it's an excuse to dress up and wear something outrageous and rather absurd. Some of the outfits and costumes worn by onlookers over the years have definitely caught the eye, so be sure to make an effort.

As far as the race goes however, it's all in the spirit of fun. Like in your egg and spoon race back in school, it's the taking part that counts right?

  • Get there: With the event taking place all over the city, we suggest flying to Baltimore/Washington International Airport and then taking a taxi to the city centre.
  • Stay: Book accommodation near the harbour for pretty waterfront views and a short travel time to the event.

Visit the Kinetic Baltimore website for more information.

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