Oregon Truffle Festival

TBC Jan 2018
Eugene, Oregon

We've all heard a famous michelin-star chef talk about his love of truffles and how they enhance the aroma of any dish. Find out what all the fuss is about at Oregon's very own truffle festival.

  • When? TBC 2018
  • Where? Various locations across Oregon including Eugene
  • Price: varies between events - visit the official website for full details.

Do you know the difference between a black and white truffle? Can you tell if they've come from France or Oregon? No? Nor can we, but you can find out at the annual Oregon Truffle Festival. 

Held at various locations across Oregon, including Eugene and the Williamette Valley, this ten-day event will educate all you food-lovers on the one-of-a-kind Oregon truffle that grows in the wild landscapes of the outdoor state. 

If you want to take your culinary expertise to the next level then you should book onto one of the many packages on offer over the course of the event. Serious chefs should try The Truffle Growers All-In Adventure for the chance to enjoy a variety of truffle inspired dishes, participate in the Truffle Growers Forum lecture series and peruse the truffle marketplace to buy the all-important black and white truffles that will get you started on your Oregon truffle cooking adventure. 

You can even get your pooch involved with the '2-day Truffle Dog Training' school. Attend lectures on scent training followed by practical sessions with your hound that teaches them how to detect the truffle aroma with the help of professional trainers. 

For those who just wish to enjoy a weekend of eating try the Epicurious package which includes breakfast, brunch, truffle hunt and winery luncheon and a Grand Truffle dinner across Saturday and Sunday. If all that eating inspires you to pull your apron from the back of the cupboard you'll also have the chance to explore the market for advice on how to re-start your cooking career with Oregon's famous truffles. 

Take your dinner parties to the next level with your truffle-trivia - just make sure your food can deliver as well. 

  • Get there: Hire a car so you can move between the events with ease.
  • Stay: Book a hotel that's close to the events you're going to. If you're staying in Eugene opt for a hotel along the Willamette River.

*We do our very best to verify the dates of our events but please check with the official event provider before booking your flights. We would hate for you to be disappointed!