Honolulu Marathon

10 Dec 2017
Honolulu, Hawaii

Get training or start practicing your best cheers - Honolulu Marathon returns to the Hawaiian state capital for a day of running madness, celebrations and night-time parties.

  • When? 10th December 2017
  • Where? Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Price: $125 for tickets bought before April 17th. Prices increase closer to the event - visit the official website for details.

What's the worst thing to have to do with a hangover? Locate food? Go to work? Catch a flight? How about run a marathon? If that sounds nigh on impossible spare a thought for those involved with Honolulu's annual race - the event sees a one mile fun run, followed by wild beach party - and yep, you guessed it, the main event is the next morning.

Of course it's highly unlikely that those hitting the beers post fun run will themselves be competing in the full marathon, although the marathon's spectacular views may make it all the more appealing. The route begins in Ala Moana before snaking up to Downtown Honolulu, heading down along the coast and eventually finishing back along beautiful Waikiki Beach. Along the way spectators and participants are treated to stunning views of the south side of O'ahu Island - handy if you need a bit of motivation. One of the world's biggest and most popular marathons, the event draws people from across the globe to compete.

If you are one of those brave (and by brave we mean crazy) enough to do the fun run, the party and the marathon we salute you. But we're pretty sure most people will choose one or the other. And if you do the full one then there's usually still a beach party on the cards afterwards - stick aroud Waikiki for the best late night options. We'll see you at the finish line!

  • Get there: Fly to Honolulu International Airport. The start line is Ala Moana Boulevard/Queen Street Extension.
  • Stay: Book accommodation through the official website for deals with sponsors of the event.

*We do our very best to verify the dates of our events but please check with the official event provider before booking your flights. We would hate for you to be disappointed!