The Great Texas Mosquito Festival

27 - 29 Jul 2017
100 Parkview Dr, Clute, Texas

God only knows why the organisers of this event decided to name it after one of the world's most annoying insects, but The Great Texas Mosquito Festival has become one of Clute's (a city an hour from Houston) most popular events.

  • When? 27th - 29th July 2017
  • Where? 100 Parkview Dr, Clute near Houston
  • Price: varies, see the official website for more details - some events are free.

We're betting ya'll can't stand mosquitoes and quite frankly, neither can we. With that in mind, when we first heard about a mosquito festival, we were a bit skeptical. Yet the mozzie looks friendlier than usual at this family-friendly weekend - albeit we're talking about a giant inflatable one named Willie-Man-Chew that takes centre stage. To be honest, we couldn't really tell you why this weekend is named after the pest, although there are plenty of mosquito-themed events to keep you entertained.

Running from the last Thursday to Saturday in July every year, this jam-packed festival offers three days of entertainment and amusing events which cater for all ages. It's a festival which has been running for many years and attracts people from across Texas including the nearby city of Houston, so still consider attending if you're staying in Houston during the festival. 

Many of the most popular events are ticket-only but there are a number of free events which won't cost you a penny. Don't miss the 5K Mosquito Chase Run taking place early Saturday morning, which is just as well because the heat can be unbearable during the middle of the day. Other goings on to look out for include various cook-offs, fun games and activities such as a dodge ball tournament and lots of musical performances.

The kids are kept occupied throughout the entirety of the festival thanks to the child-friendly petting zoo, Sweet Potato, the resident the clown and Willie's treasure chest. Each year also includes a fantastic carnival with a selection of both adult and kids rides, as well as a number of games. The entertainment runs well into the night on all three days but Saturday is the night to party with live music and drinking going on until 1 a.m.

With all the fun and entertainment, you'll certainly build up an appetite. Luckily there will be a range of vendors from which you can try some local specialties and treats to help line your stomach before you start on the booze. However, this is a family-friendly festival, so drunken behaviour is not permitted. 

Remember to slap on that mosquito repellent though; the only mosquito around that we can guarantee won't bite is Willie-Man-Chew (even if his name does suggest otherwise).

  • Get there: Hire a car and drive an hour south to reach Clute.
  • Stay: Base yourself in Houston so you've still got plenty to see and do after the festival.

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