Heiva I Kaua'i

5 - 6 Aug 2017
Kapaa Beach Park, Kauai

Get ready to learn a lot more about Tahiti-Hawaii dance traditions at the annaul Heiva I Kaua'i competition.

  • When? 5 - 6 Aug 2017
  • Where? Kauai, Hawaii. 
  • Price: Around $6

If you want to take part in the annual Heiva I Kaua'i festival, you better get practicing - the competition here is pretty fierce. Held every year next to the tranquil shores of Kapaa Beach, this drumming and dance cultural festival is a great way to immerse yourself into Kauai's tradition. 

Celebrating distinctive Tahiti-influenced dance methods, the event sees several groups compete to tell ancient Polynesian stories and histories through the medium of movement. Performers wear traditional, colourful costumes (including large leaf headdresses) while drummers beat along in perfect unison. Thousands attend the event which is considered a significant cultural ritual of the local communities. Specific dance types include otea vahine, tane and aparima - each has its own style and nuances. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Pacific ocean, this event is the perfect place to kick back with a beer and watch cultural masters do their thing. 

Tickets are available on the door and there's also a chance to shop at local stalls selling jewellery, woodwork and crafts. To be honest, watching with a beer sounds far nicer than participating - after all, when was the last time you practiced your aparima? 

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