Art Basel Miami

7 - 10 Dec 2017
Miami Beach Convention Centre

If you love an art gallery every now and then, Art Basel Miami is your chance to discover a diverse range of world-class exhibitions in Miami Beach.

  • When? 7 - 10 Dec 2017
  • Where? Miami Beach Convention Center
  • Price: TBC

Most return home from Miami with fun memories, a tan and a sore head from indulging in the infamous Miami nightlife. Yet, arty types may return home with a little less room in their case after attending Art Basel Miami in Miami Beach. 

Featuring a number of affordable pieces (surprising considering it's one of the world's most renowned art fairs), this is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Located in Miami Beach, which is known for its collection of art-deco inspired architecture, Art Basel brings together the very best galleries from around the world. Modern, contemporary and creative pieces will feature and you can see anything from paintings, sculptures, large-scale artworks, photographs, films and even artistic performances. 

With an array of exhibitions over the long-weekend, there will be plenty of opportunity to find something you like. And even if you don't like art, you can guarantee there will be some huge parties nearby. It's like the cricket in England; some don't necessarily like cricket, but they know how to drink beer. You might not be up for buying any art (or even seeing it for that matter) but where there's a big event, there's bound to be a big party. Just don't complain if all you've got to show for your arty experience is another sore head. 

  • Get there: The festival can easily be reached by car, bus and plane.
  • Stay: The City Centre is the best place to stay for convenience.

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