Jazz Age Lawn Festival (JALP)

TBC Jun 2018
Governors Island

Breakaway from the present in the thrill of a 1920's foxtrot amid cocktail-sipping flappers and tie-fiddling fops on the lawns of NYC's Governors Island.

  • When? TBC June 2018
  • Where? Governors Island, New York City
  • Price: From $35

When the Jazz Age Lawn Festival comes to the Big Apple in June, you'd be mad to miss the chance to experience the sounds of the Dreamland Orchestra. Back in 2005, Michael Arenella assembled a few friends and fans on the lawns of Governors Island and performed some jazz pieces for them. Things have grown since then and one man's passion has grown into an annual event that attracts some 10,000 New Yorkers.

Whilst coxcombs probe the lawn for the most resplendent dance partners, you can sip aperitifs next to warbling, antique gramophones or compete in a dance competition. Mill around the vintage clothing outlets to find that missing piece to your 1920's masterpiece. Dance the Charleston and Lindy Hop to Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra who lead the celebrations every year. Past performers include Gregory Moore and the Dreamland Follies, Robbie Caravella and the Canarsie Wobblers and the Gelber and Manning Band.

Worried you'll be under dressed? Swing by Olive's Very Vintage in Carroll Gardens or Screaming Mimi's in Noho to pick up a head-turning outfit. After visiting the Jazz Age Lawn Festival, you might end up with a taste for pleated dresses or snazzy suits too.

Jazz hands at the ready. 

  • Get there: Take the ferry to Governor's Island from Manhattan or Brooklyn.
  • Stay: Book accommodation near the ferry port in either Manhattan or Brooklyn for speedy ride to the island.

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