Every year on April Fools day in Seattle, something out of this world happens.

  • When? TBC March/April 2018
  • Where? Tin Room Bar, Burien
  • Price: Free

We came to this planet looking for intelligent life... oops, we made a mistake.

Aliens in Seattle? Stranger things have happened. Of course if you've noticed the date, you already know you're more likely to see an Unidentified Flying Prank than you are an Unidentified Flying Object. Like the rest of the year.

Burien UFO was inspired by the so called, "Maury Island Incident" of 1947 when Harold Dahl and Fred Crisman claimed to have seen falling debris and unidentified flying objects over Puget Sound, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. After threats from 'Men in Black' they retracted their claims claiming that it was a hoax. It's in this prankster spirit that Seattle celebrates the extra-terrestrial on the universal day of tricks and spoofs.

The 'summer of saucers' is artistically remembered with costume, flash mob dancing and alien movie screenings. There's a cash costume contest for the best dressed so don't mess around when it comes to assembling your outfit, $250 is a lot of money even on Mars. Crowds of aliens, robots ('Ash it's a robot, it's a god damn robot!') and various globe trotters assemble in and around the Tin Room Bar but there are a whole host of other participating venues open until 11pm Join fellow aliens in bar hopping and don't sweat stopping off at the food trucks, the food isn't alien themed.

Previous years have centred around a constructed 3D rendition of a UFO and attempts to set the Guinness World Record for the most Men in Black, Women in Black and aliens assembled in one place. Aliens start appearing from 6pm but we say make a day of it and wander around in your alien best all day long.

For those of you donning the black suit, remember, you're no longer part of the System. You're above the System. Over it. Beyond it. We're "them". We're "they". We are the Men in Black.

  • Get there: From Seattle, take a taxi or drive 25 minutes south to Burien. The Tin Room Bar is on SW 152nd St where there is also a bus stop.
  • Stay: Book accommodation in Burien to be close by or stay in Seattle for that big city vibe.

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