Highland Jazz & Blues Festival

16 Sep 2017
Columbia Park

With some of the best jazz and blues artists from Louisiana and beyond, 2017 sees the Highland Jazz & Blues Festival enter its 14th year.

  • When? 16 September 2017
  • Where? Columbia Park, Shreveport
  • Price: Free

If Mardi Gras in New Orleans is anything to go by, Louisianans sure know how to party with a capital P. They also know good music, especially when it comes to blues and jazz. And with great music comes great parties - cue the Highland Jazz and Blues Festival. 

This free festival sees five non-stop hours of jazz and blues music grace two stages at Columbia Park, Shreveport. Each stage will be home to some of the best jazz and blues artists that Louisiana has to offer, with a headliner (usually from out of state) finishing off the lineup.

The festival was conceived 14 years ago by a group of residents who wanted to put together a jazz and blues concert in their neighbourhood. Since then, the ethos of the festival has stayed the same, with a strict rule of blues and jazz genres only and an attempt to switch up the acts each year. There are exceptions to the latter, with artists such as Flett having returned for repeat performances.

On top of the musical entertainment, Artist's Alley offers a variety of jewellery, arts and home décor. Local vendors will also be at the festival, serving up a variety of dishes from Cajun jambalaya to Caribbean jerk chicken and a bunch of sweet treats too. If 5 p.m. is too early a finish for you, then the after party at Twisted Root Burger Co. will be music to your ears, extending the jazz and blues celebration until 9 p.m.

Just be sure to brush up on your musical trivia and make sure you know who Huddie Ledbetter is. You've been warned...

  • Get there: Shreveport Regional Airport is the nearest to the park, so take a taxi or drive to the venue.
  • Stay: Book accommodation in the Shreveport-Bossier area. Famed for its lively nightlife, you'll be able to continue the party all night long.

Visit the Highland Jazz & Blues Festival website for more information.

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