Full Moon Festival

4 Oct 2017

Parades, celebrations and cake all at the Full Moon Festival in Hanoi; what more do you need?

  • When? 4th October 2017
  • Where? Hanoi
  • Price: Free

Did someone say full moon party? No, we aren't talking about the legendary Thai event, rather the more reserved Vietnam celebration also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival which they say is popular with children because of mooncake. Well we'd like to point out there's nothing wrong with adults liking cake too you know.

On day 15 of the eighth lunar month every year, Vietnam celebrates the end of the harvest. In Hanoi you'll find candlelit lanterns being carried by children who take part in a grand parade and you can also expect to see dragon dancing, singing and other performances attracting crowds of locals and tourists. Dragon dancers take their time dancing past every house in the villages and you are encouraged to give them lucky money (hand some over or else they won't leave until you do). 

But the best part is the stalls and shops selling the traditional staple associated with the festival - mooncake, which can be made with a variety of fillings with an egg yolk representing the full moon. It is also believed that the regions tropical fruit is at its best in the autumn so mix in some pomelos for a real taste of Vietnam.

Be sure to get in there early before the little kids take all the mooncakes all for themselves.

  • Get there: Fly to Hanoi and use trains, buses or taxis to get around.
  • Stay: Find somewhere to stay near the city centre to be at the heart of the festivities.

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