Reunification Day

30 Apr 2018
Ho Chi Minh City

Colourful decorations, Vietnamese flags and joyful celebrations; experience Reunification Day in Ho Chi Minh City.

Everyone loves to see the underdog triumph. Rocky Balboa? Rudy Ruettiger? Leicester City winning the Premiership?

Well no one does underdog quite like Vietnam. After years of brutality, death and outrage during the Vietnam war, on April 30th in 1975 the Saigon government collapsed resulting in the unification of North and South Vietnam. If you're in Vietnam in April then you'll be lucky enough to experience the reunification celebrations.

In the week leading up to the date which marks the event, many cities throughout Vietnam, including Ho Chi Minh City, are decorated with colourful banners, flags and bright lights to draw attention to the important day in the country's history. As the former city of Saigon, reunification day in Ho Chi Minh City is felt all the more and as such a defining event in Vietnamese history is one that tourists will appreciate as well as locals.

Among the celebrations are competitions, parades and live entertainment all creating a great jovial atmosphere in the city. The day itself is usually spent with family so the streets may be a little quieter than usual, although the early morning may involve some kind of celebrations on the streets before the locals return to their homes to feast and enjoy national TV.

Just don't expect to hear Eye of the Tiger playing on the streets, Rocky is just a movie remember. 

  • Get there: Fly into Ho Chi Minh City then use taxi services to get around.
  • Stay: Find accommodation in District 1 to be near some of the city's cultural attractions.

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