Long Chu Festival Hội An

TBC Jul 2018
Hội An

Embrace the festivities and get rid of all those nasty ghosts and spirits at Hội An's Long Chu Festival.

  • When? TBC July 2018
  • Where? Hội An, Vietnam.
  • Price: Free

If you've spent your childhood hiding under your bed from the bogeyman or having sleepless nights convinced an evil spirit was lurking in the wardrobe then you need to visit Hội An for the Long Chu Festival. This annual celebration is said to ward off ghosts and evil, casting them away and praying that plague will not strike.

Long Chu translates as 'royal barge', which relates to the dragon-shaped boat that is marched through the village during the festival to collect evil spirits. Priest doctors, otherwise known as Shamans, travel round the villages before the final procession to place superstitious charms on suspect areas that are believed to be home to the bad sprites and spirits that threaten people's health. Spells are cast where spirits are expected to be hiding and there is much dancing and chanting to flush the ghosts out.

The community gathers together to share a meal before the festival concludes with a procession that delivers the boat to the river. The boat travels out to the South China Sea, taking all evil with it to cleanse and purify the village ready for the new season.

The process is driven by religious beliefs and cultural traditions and is a unique experience for those who visit on the 15th of the seventh and eighth lunar month.

If you can't find that Ouija board maybe it's time to head to Hội An.

  • Get there: Fly to Danang International Airport and then take a taxi to Hội An.
  • Stay: Stay between the town and beach.

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