Nguyen Tieu Festival

TBC Feb 2018
Hội An

For a magical taste of Chinese-Vietnamese culture, make sure you're in Hội An during the Nguyen Tieu Festival.

  • When? TBC 2018
  • Where? Hội An, Vietnam
  • Price: Free

If you were expecting the 16th of the first lunar month to be anything less than a spiritual extravaganza, think again. Every year, the Chinese communities celebrate the Nguyen Tieu Festival with rituals, activities, lanterns and sticky rice dumplings. Tuck in...

This age-old celebration honours Emperor Shen Nong and the tutelary Gods, and prayers are said for a good harvest, health and wealth. It's filled with tradition and many rituals are held at pagodas and temples up and down the country. Families come together and tourists are always pleasantly surprised by the vibrant atmosphere that sweeps the city where an array of colourful lanterns (more than usual) can be found hanging in front of houses, restaurants and shops.

There are plenty of activities to add to the celebrations with Vietnamese poetry reading, unicorn dances and lottery games pulling in the crowds. You'll want to try the Chè trôi nước (sticky rice dumplings with caramel ginger syrup) too, a spiritual venture itself.

  • Get there: Fly to Danang International Airport (DAD) - it's a 45 minute drive to Hội An.
  • Stay: Find accommodation in Hội An - try Cẩm Phô or Minh An where there are plenty of pagodas and temples to explore.

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